Ruse is a dynamic and thriving city with a developed industry, rich histo- ry, diverse cultural
programme and a cosy place for living. Situated at a cross-road, the city and its region are
a convenient place to start a busi- ness and gives an advantage to the companies
which invest here. It com- bines modes of transport like river, railway and
road and it has a close proximity to two international airports - Bucharest (OTP)
- 85 km and Varna (VAR) - 190 km.

Ruse is the Bulgarian pearl on the Danube river, the most dynamically developing industrial centre
of the North and an integral part of the Danube macro-region.

Logistics hub of international
transport corridors


Ruse is the biggest port and the economic and cultural centre in the Bul- garian
part of the majestic European river. Two of the European transport
corridors cross here: corridor #7, which connects the North Sea to the
Black Sea by the river canal Rhine – Main – Danube and corridor #9 
connecting the Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. The transport corridor
Europe – Caucasus – Asia, known as TRACECA, as well as the main route
by land of the global initiative “One belt, one road” also cross the city.


The Bridge over the Danube river brings the city of Ruse
closer to the Romanian city – Giurgiu and
this is the shortest way to the Romanian capital – Bucharest.
The river also connects us with the countries of Central and Western Europe.



There are ports and terminals with national, regional and special purpose located along the river bank of Ruse which spreads from 505th km to 480th km. Port Ruse is part of the main TEN – T network which has 6 cargo terminals: East, Centre (passengers terminal), West, Somovit, Svishstov and Tutrakan. It handles bulk, general cargo and cargo contain- ers. Ruse Port is the largest passengers port in the Bulgar- ian river section and has a 185 years long tradition in the cruise industry.


Port with liquefied natural gas (LNG) charging station for ships and trucks;


Winter storage for 26 vessels and yachts (to be complet- ed by a future concessionaire).

Ruse provides opportunities for shipment of goods by road, rail and water transport.
The city is a logistics center in which dozens of companies in the transport and
freight forwarding business have established their activities. It is part of the cross-border
cluster Ruse – Giurgiu – Bucharest and stands close to the multimillion Romanian market.
A large part of the international trade of Bulgaria with Romania and with other
countries runs through the city. The starting point of the planned highway Ruse-Veliko Turnovo
will be situated close to Danube bridge. However, there is a potential for building a second
bridge over the river near Ruse. The future section of the road to Veliko Turnovo will connect
the city to Hemus highway and will facilitate the connections with the rest of the country regions.


The importance of Ruse as an intermodal hub is also due to the connection with two railways routes:
Mezdra - Gorna Oryahovitsa and Ruse - Dimitrovgrad, which are part of the main TEN-T
network. The Ruse-Varna route connects Dan- ube river with the Black Sea.


7 railway stations on
the city territory;


Railway track
along the Danube bridge.


The biggest Romanian international airport Henry Coanda (OTP) is one hour drive from Ruse. Varna airport (VAR) is closely
situated Bulgarian airport - 1.5 hours drive away. The Ruse airport is only 17 km away from the city. It is am important project
with huge development and investment potential. The airfield has a license for performing aviation services for aircrafts
with a take-off mass of up to 5700 kg. Its area is 183 ha, and the track is 2500 m long.


Industrial zones close
to the city which offer:

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    Road connection between the zones;

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    Road connection between Ruse Industrial park and Ruse – Veliko Turnovo highway;

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    Railway transportation opportunity between Ruse Free Zone and Danube Industrial Zone TEGRA;

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    Transhipment from ship to wagons and vice versa – on the territory of the industrial zone TEGRA;

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    Shipyard with real opportunities to resume its operations.


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