The OIC ended its information tour in the district with an event in Slivo Pole


The informational tour of the OIC - Ruse in the district ended with today's visit to the municipality of Slivo Pole. The meeting was attended by farmers, municipal officials and other interested parties.

As in all settlements of the district, here the participants in the meeting were introduced to the IGRP of the new programs and the sub-measures that the Program for the Development of Rural Areas 2014-2020 plans to open this year. One of them is 6.4, which supports non-agricultural activities in rural municipalities.

Sub-measure 6.4, which supports the development of non-agricultural activities in rural municipalities, has been long awaited and now there is great interest in it. Farmers, micro-enterprises registered as ET, under TK and ZK, as well as legal entities registered under the Trades Act will be able to apply for it, explained the manager of the center, Diana Avramova. The sub-measure is expected to open for applications in May.

In Slivo Pole, as well as at the meeting in Cenovo, there were questions regarding the possibilities of supporting river fishing, fish and aquaculture producers and their processing under the new program "Sea, Fisheries and Aquaculture" 2021 - 2027. Who can apply, for what activities and when indicatively the procedures will be opened, explained the expert Gabriela Stefanova. On this occasion, the intentions of the Municipality of Slivo Pole to activate the Local Initiative Fishery Group, which has been "frozen" for the past 7 years, and to continue developing its LIG, created under the 2014-2020 RDP, were commented on. The implementation of the VOMR approach is a successful way to develop the potential of specific territories, but during the previous program periods in our region it was used only by the municipalities of Slivo Pole and Tutrakan. During the current tour, it became clear that most municipalities have associations that will apply for approval of their development strategies.

"Human Resource Development" is the other program whose procedures in small settlements are of marked interest. Municipalities and non-governmental organizations that are eligible applicants have become clear that they are interested in the procedure "Confirmation of intercultural education, through culture, science and sport" of the program "Education", which is expected to open in 2023.

In addition to the indicative programs for 2023, the participants in the meetings in the various settlements were also introduced to successful projects financed under various programs during the past program period. The manager of OIC-Ruse Diana Avramova drew attention to the results of European investments by municipalities and encouraged those present to look for reliable information about European funding through OIC-Ruse. All received our information and promotional materials.


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