The investment climate in Bulgaria is good. An
important indicator of this is the Economic Freedom
Index, according to which the country scored 7.7 out of a maximum of 10 points in 2021, placing it 23rd among the most free countries.

The Municipality of Ruse is part of the program of the International Republican Institute (IRI) to address vulnerabilities to corruption, which covers ten municipalities in Bulgaria. The aim of program is to improve transperancy, citizen participation, and accountability in municipal gevrnance in order to prevent and counter corruption.

The Municipality of Ruse is ready to implement the standard for accountability and integrity of local geovernment, developed by the Anti-Corruption Fund.

The mayor of Ruse Municipality, Mr. Pencho Milkov, occupies the first place in the "Local System Integrity Index" ranking of the Association "Transparency International".


There are national and local measures for promoting investment.
Every potential investor may follow the steps to certify his project,
in order to take advantage of the incentives provided
by the law. The certificate is issued by
the Ministry of Economy.


Main certification criteria:


New jobs created


Type of economic activity




According to the Bulgarian Investment
Agency more companies choose to invest in cities like Ruse
and other towns along the Danube because of their potential.

E-services, one-stop-shop for services on the spot, ad hoc consultancy and technical
assistance support are just part of the advantages offered to investors by the
local city administration. Specifically established directorate for
„International Policies, Business Activities and Analyses“ in the Municipality
supports potential investors and assists them in establishing here. An information
centre operates entirely for the benefit of citizens and businesses in Ruse and provides
free consultations and information on funding opportunities based on national and European grants.


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