The Municipality of Ruse terminates the contract with the second concessionaire of the bus stops ahead of schedule


With 37 "yes" votes, the municipal councilors agreed to the Ruse Municipality terminating the concession contract for 130 public transport stops in Ruse, located in Zone 1.

It was concluded in 2012 with the concessionaire "Tabak Trafik" EAD and has a term of 15 years.

The change is necessary in connection with the inability of the company to resume its commercial activity, maintaining a positive economic balance, given the closure of the commercial establishments subject to the concession. With the expiration of the legal terms for the entry into force of the decision, the Municipality of Ruse will become the owner of the stops and will be able to carry out maintenance activities.

"In many cities, concessionaires take their booths by terminating the contract, but we will conduct a rental procedure. This will give opportunities for business to Ruse families", announced the mayor Pencho Milkov.

To date, Tabak Traffic EAD has completed its investment program in the amount of BGN 945,515.88.

It is the company's obligation to make the final payment of the annual concession obligation for 2022 as well as that for 2023 by the time of termination.

The company has not made any financial claims to the Municipality of Ruse and this is included in the termination agreement, explained Deputy Mayor Zlatomyra Stefanova.

In 2012, the stops of the city transport lines in Ruse were granted a concession to two companies - "Factor Plus" EOD and "Tabak Traffic" EAD for a period of 15 years. As a result of the non-fulfillment of the concession obligations and the declaration of the company in liquidation, the contract with "Factor Plus" was terminated in 2022.


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