The Municipality of Ruse presented the implementation of the project for the construction of the quay wall


Within the framework of the project, the quay walls of the Ruse-Center passenger terminal were rehabilitated and the navigation conditions at three ship berths were improved.

"With this project, as well as with the others implemented by the Municipality of Ruse under the Interreg program, we see the material dimensions of your work, but also the immaterial ones, as with each subsequent one we continue to develop the partnership between our two neighboring nations," addressed Mayor Pencho Milkov to the Executive Director of the Bureau for Cross-Border Cooperation Bulgaria-Romania Nicoleta Minku and the Project Director of the program Christian Radu.

Among the planned activities, which are ongoing at the moment, is the construction of a sector of the St. Georgi in Gyurghevo to improve connectivity in the Euroregion.

The main goal of the project is to improve the water infrastructure between Ruse and Gyurghevo and increase transport safety on the waterways of the Lower Danube.

The total budget amounts to 7,345,319.73 euros, of which co-financing from the European Regional Development Fund - 6,247,468.60 euros, co-financing from the national budgets of Bulgaria and Romania - 955,495.20 euros and the beneficiaries' own contribution - 146,999.26 euros.

The project implementation period is until 2023.

The event was part of the Annual Conference on the implementation of the Interreg V-A Romania-Bulgaria Program.


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