The Municipality of Ruse establishes an indefinite construction right for the construction of a water rehabilitation center for the benefit of the "Alexander Rusev" Foundation


With 44 "yes" votes, the municipal councilors supported the proposal of the mayor Pencho Milkov for the establishment of an indefinite construction right in favor of the "Alexander Rusev" Foundation for the construction of a water rehabilitation center for disadvantaged people.

Since 2016, the founder of the foundation, Iliyan Rusev-Skuri, has been providing free therapeutic and rehabilitative water activities to 100 children with disabilities, npu prepared a schedule in the pool located in the building of the Sports School in Ruse. In order to increase the intensity of activities and provide quality therapy for children and adults, the foundation wishes to develop its activities in a separate specialized center.

"Iliyan Rusev - Skuri is an exceptional person who for years gives energy, time and care to children and adults with disabilities. He did the impossible to make his son's dream come true and now it's our turn to support him," Mayor Pencho Milkov urged.

The project envisages the construction of a two-story building located on Rui Planina Street in Ruse with a total area of 3,800 m2.

In recent years, the cause for the construction of the water rehabilitation center has been supported by many institutions, dozens of organizations and thousands of Rusians by popularizing the idea and collecting funds.

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