The municipal leadership presented the work done on the project for the reconstruction of "Third March" Blvd.


At the final press conference, the team of the project "Investing in road safety and improving the connectivity of the Municipality of Ruse and the District of Giurgiu with the TEN-T transport network", e-MS code ROBG-418, presented the main activities implemented within it.
Treti Mart Blvd., which is key to Ruse, was reconstructed and modernized, as well as the Sarai bridge connected to it, which are the main entry point to the city from the main roads Ruse - Veliko Tarnovo and Ruse - Sofia, part of the TEN-T network. New bicycle lanes have been built along the boulevard, and an accessible environment has been provided in the area of intersections, pedestrian and bicycle crossings. All construction activities were finally completed on November 22.
With the repairs carried out on the roadway, the sidewalks and the superstructure of the bridge facility, its serviceability and normal throughput have been restored, which now allows traffic on the broken link under the bridge. The capacity, resistance and durability of the road and its facilities have also been increased, the characteristics of transport operation have been improved and better conditions for comfortable, safe and economical transport have been provided.
Representatives of the team from the Romanian side explained that in order to guarantee security, ease and improve the traffic flows across the Danube Bridge, road signs, traffic lights and informational LED boards were installed. In the context of European, national and regional security and the need to establish concrete measures to reduce road risk, equipment was purchased for the needs of the Giurgievo traffic police.
During the project, information campaigns were also implemented for training on the safety of the movement of the population in partnership with the relevant interested institutions on both sides of the border. The events were mainly aimed at children and the young population, but they provided valuable information to parents regarding the rules and instructions for traffic safety in the cross-border region. The event was attended by Deputy Mayor and Project Manager Magdalina Ilieva, Regional Governor of Ruse District Anatoli Stanev, the deputy regional governor Sinan Hebibov, Dumitru Beyanu - chairman of the District Council - Giurgiu, the head of the Project from the Romanian side - Christina Ingiaua and Lili Gancheva, who, in addition to the role of translator, also took the place of presenter.
The project was implemented under the "INTERREG V-A Romania-Bulgaria" Program 2014-2020, Priority axis 1 "Well-connected region", Specific objective 1.1 "Improving the planning, development and coordination of cross-border transport systems for better connection to the transport network TEN-T" and lasts 36 months.


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