The municipal councils of Ruse and Gyurghevo issued a declaration for entry into Schengen


Mayor Pencho Milkov called on the Romanian state to increase the work capacity of the Romanian authorities at the Danube Bridge checkpoint


The municipal councilors of Ruse and Giurgiu held a joint meeting in the Romanian city. The two local self-government bodies issued a joint declaration and a letter to the Prime Ministers and Foreign Ministers of the two countries for accelerated actions in the direction of their acceptance into the Schengen area.

"The relations between Ruse and Gyurghevo have always been exemplary. They are not decided by presidents, prime ministers or EU leaders. Our connectedness comes quite naturally – from the individual. From friendship, our daily contacts and our joint work," said Pencho Milkov.

He insisted that the Romanian authorities increase their work capacity at the Danube Bridge border crossing, as the small number of scales on the Romanian side creates a prerequisite for stopping the work of the Bulgarian border policemen as well. This leads to queues and difficulties not only for professional drivers but also for thousands of citizens traveling daily.

"At the level of the Romanian-Bulgarian border, we are an example of cooperation, we know how to work together, but we need a green light for equal opportunities and equal treatment on the road to development," said the mayor of Giurgiu, Adrian Angelescu.

The ceremonial session was initiated by the Municipal Council of Gyurghevo and took place with the assistance of the executive director of the "Euroregion Danubius" Association, Lili Gancheva. The deputy mayor and municipal councilor from the National-Liberal Party Yonel Muskalu, the chairmen of the Municipal Councils Adrian Dautz and Ivo Pazardzhiev, the vice-chairmen Natalia Krasteva and Denitsa Ivanova, as well as the municipal councilor from the Social-Democratic Party Kodrutz also made official addresses to those present. Kynaru. More than 50 councilors from the two municipalities took part.

We remind you that on May 9 last year, the councilors met together again, this time in support of the cause of building a second bridge over the Danube between Ruse and Giurgievo.


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