The municipal councilors adopted an estimate of the income and expenses pending the adoption of the municipal budget


At their regular meeting, the municipal councilors adopted an estimate of the budget revenues and expenses. This is a precedent for the administration and is necessary given the significant delay in the adoption of the State Budget Law for 2023, and hence the local vote.

Voting estimates will allow to implement key activities for the public in conditions of increasing inflation and prices of construction materials and food.

Based on the prepared analysis of the municipal revenues as of 31.12.2022 and the projected revenues for 2023, funds are provided for repairs of inter-block spaces in the city, one-time assistance for citizens under Ordinance 21 of the Municipal Council and the "Assisted Reproduction" program. the publication of the "Almanac of First Things", the organization of the World Cup Canoe-Kayak Marathon, etc.

More funds are planned for the municipal foundation "Ruse-city of the free spirit", the "Tourism" program, technical inspection and certification of 10 buildings owned by the municipality, support for state cultural institutions and community centers.

On the proposal of the municipal councilors, the mayor Pencho Milkov approved the increase of the planned funds for the "Culture" Program (BGN 120,000), for the repair of playgrounds (BGN 150,000) and for the support of sports clubs under the "Sport" Program (BGN 610 thousand).

New moments in the investment program are the construction of photovoltaics for the Marten town hall and Charodeyka cemetery park, major renovation of Dorostol, Pliska, Tulcha and Thessaloniki streets with funds provided by the state, major renovation of 28 sites from the primary street network, a system for external artificial lighting under the ESCO contract, raised footpaths to educational institutions, design of the strengthening and conservation of the Freedom Monument, construction of a church in the DZS district, construction of a monument to Stoyan Mihailovski, implementation of energy efficiency measures in Nursery 5, purchase of additional equipment for municipal enterprises, construction of a sports hall with a swimming pool in Druzhba quarter 3 (SU "Vasil Levski"), 2 new buildings in "Prista" Home, closure and reclamation of cell 2 for non-hazardous waste and a technical project for the closure and reclamation of cell 3 of the regional landfill.


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