The large-scale program of the Municipality of Ruse to improve the urban environment is underway


The Municipality of Ruse is investing more than BGN 22 million in municipal, state and credit financing in the large-scale program to improve the urban environment. Until now, the municipal budget has not accumulated so many funds for repairs, and this will provide an opportunity to massively improve the condition of the road network and parking lots in Ruse, which have not been taken care of for years.

"Our goal is to improve the micro-urban environment where we all live. This is a prerequisite for a better quality of life, and in the long term it will have a good effect on the people of Ruse", commented the mayor Pencho Milkov.

Five of the sites in the program of the Municipal Enterprise "Utility Activities" have already been completed. These are:

- the section from Okolchitsa Street in front of blocks 82 and 85 in the "Zdravets" quarter;

- the road connection between "Dryanovska" street and "Lipnik" boulevard;

- "Centralna" street in "DZS" quarter;

- section of Nikola Tabakov St. between blocks 109 and 104 in "Charodeyka";

- the approach to "Nikola Obretenov" school, providing access for people with disabilities.

In the coming months, the program envisages repairs in the "Zdravets - Sever 1" quarter - the streets "Rupel" and "Babuna Planina", as well as the parking lots and the approaches to the blocks of the same name. As the weather conditions improve, the parking lot at bl. Potsdam 2. In the coming months, it is planned to asphalt the parking lots at bl. Pop Hariton and bl. Bacho Kiro, as well as several inter-block spaces in the "Rodina" quarter - at Sakar Planina, Lozen Planina, Vezhen and Panagyurishte blocks. The repair of the alleys and the construction of lighting in the Revival Park will continue, and it is planned to similarly renovate the kindergarten at Danube Square and the one at the American Market.

In parallel with these activities, repairs are also carried out by the construction crews of "Road Engineering". The parking lots at blocks 7, 8, 9, 14 and 44 in "Druzhba" quarter have been completed, as well as at bl. "Panayot Hitov". The company will also be assigned the repair of the parking lots at bl. Lyuba Ivosevic, bl. Shabla ("Vazrazhdane" square), at bl. Vyara 2 (Tsyur), "Vitosha" street, as well as one street in the village of Dolno Ablanovo.

With funds allocated by the state, the streets "Thessalonica", "Tulcha", "Pliska" and "Dorostol" will be repaired. They are acting on approved projects from 2018, which have been assigned rework.

Another 24 streets and sections of streets will be asphalted with credit funds, and after the competitive procedure conducted by the Municipality, an interest rate of 0.13% was achieved. The two-year grace period will allow the following objects to be repaired:

Yarebichna Street - from para. Revazhdane to Dorostol St.;
Ticha Street - from Zgorigrad Street to Petrohan Street;
Zgorigrad Street - from Shipka Street to Ticha Street;
Kniazheska Street from Episkop Bosilkov Street to Kiril Startsev Street;
Maria Luisa Street;
Angel Kanchev Street;
Han Krum Street - from Borisova Street to Prof. Asen Zlatarov Street;
Dr. Petar Beron Street - from Ruse Municipality to Gen. Blvd. Skobelev;
Bistrica Street;
Prof. Asen Zlatarov Street;
Kula Street - only lane without sidewalks;
Velingrad St. - only lane without sidewalks;
Riga Street - from Yundola Street to Bratislava Street;
Todor Ikonomov St. - from Vasil Levski Blvd. to Nikola Tabakov St.; Nikola Vaptsarov Street;
Gotse Delchev St. - from Bulgaria Blvd. to Dame Gruev Blvd.;
para. Revival;
Dondukov-Korsakov Street;
Tsar Ferdinand Blvd. - from Rayko Daskalov St. to Aleksandrovska St., Voivodova; Mostova Street; Mutkurova St. - from Aleksandrovska St. to Gen. Blvd. Skobelev;
Nis Street - from Bistrica to Thessaloniki; Vardar St.
For the streets affected by the Water Cycle, which the municipality wants to completely asphalt, multilateral agreements are signed with the Waterworks. According to them, piecemeal work and double payment for the same asphalt will be prevented.


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