The first dragon boats for the upcoming World Championship are already in Ruse


The municipality of Ruse received 4 dragon boats for the World Championship in 2025, which it will host. The facilities were provided free of charge by the Chinese city of Yichun, with which Rousse recently signed a declaration to establish friendly relations.

Two of the boats gather a crew of 20 people, and the other two - a team of 10 people.

The attractive vehicles will be used for training by the athletes who will participate in the upcoming competition in 2025. Joint events between the Municipality of Ruse and neighboring municipalities are also planned, which will help popularize sports among the population and strengthen good relations between sports clubs .

From September 14 to 19, the first event with the participation of dragon boats will be held at the dam in Lesopark "Lipnik", in which athletes from several countries will take part in the framework of the "Sports4GreenDeal" project, funded by the European Executive Agency for Education and Culture .

Dragon boat racing is currently primarily a grassroots sport, with negotiations currently underway between the World Canoe-Kayak Federation and the International Olympic Committee to make it an Olympic discipline. The races are extremely attractive and are so named because the bow and stern of the boat are in the shape of a traditional Chinese dragon. The goal of the crew is one - to reach the finish line before the rest of the participants. A key figure in the boat is the one who sits on the bow and beats the drum. He makes sure the rowers keep pace and are in maximum sync.


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