The construction of an anaerobic plant for biodegradable waste in Ruse has begun


With an official groundbreaking ceremony in Ruse, the construction of an anaerobic plant for biodegradable waste began. The activity is part of the project "Design and construction of an anaerobic installation for separately collected biodegradable waste on the territory of the Ruse Regional Waste Management Association", financed by the Operational Program "Environment 2014 - 2020" (Priority axis 2 "Waste"), co-financed from the European Fund for Regional Development of the European Union and with national funds.

The main goal of the project is the construction and commissioning of the installation and the provision of the separate collection of biodegradable waste from the municipalities that are members of the RSUA - Ruse. In this way, additional capacity will be created for their recycling, which will lead to a reduction in the total amount of landfilled waste, in accordance with the objectives of the OPE 2014-2020.

After its construction, the installation will allow for the oxygen-free treatment of biodegradable waste, from which compost is subsequently obtained, as well as methane for electricity generation and heat energy.

"Thanks to the entire project team, the contractor, the designers and the supervisor, for the good cooperation so far. I believe that we will successfully continue our joint efforts, because the project is extremely important for the Municipality of Ruse and for the other members of the Regional Association for Waste Management", noted Deputy Mayor and project manager Dimitar Nedev.

This is only the third anaerobic installation in Bulgaria. Through it, the municipality strives to improve the management of waste in Ruse and mitigate its harmful impact on the climate.

Among those present at the event were the Deputy Mayor Magdalina Ilieva, the Chairman of the Municipal Council Ivo Pazardzhiev, the mayors of the municipalities of Ivanovo and Slivo Pole, representatives of RISW Ruse, the design team and the construction supervisor.

The project is led by the Municipality of Ruse and its partners are the municipalities of Slivo Pole, Ivanovo, Tutrakan, Vetovo, which are members of the Regional Association for Waste Management.

The total budget is BGN 34,383,754.21.

Funding from the European Regional Development Fund: BGN 21,806,615.64.

National co-financing: BGN 3,848,226.30.

Own contribution: BGN 3,045,059.57.

Ineligible expenses are BGN 5,683,852.70.

The deadline for the project is December 31, 2023



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