The Ambassador of Turkey visited the Municipality of Ruse


A delegation led by the ambassador of Turkey to Bulgaria, H.E. Aileen Sekizkök visited Ruse Municipality today.

"We have learned that you have provided premises for the association for cultural relations with Turkey "Günesh", shared his joy. Sekizkök. She added that a meeting with representatives of the association is planned.

"There is a small but very close-knit Turkish community on the territory of the municipality," said the mayor, Pencho Milkov. He gave as an example the wonderful relations and environment in which the inhabitants of the village of Semerdzhievo live.

The mayor asked the question about the future of the building, which in the past housed the "Balkan" hotel in Ruse. The municipal leadership wants it to be restored, but part of the property belongs to the Chief Mufti and there is currently a case for partition. The Ambassador undertook to investigate the matter and accepted the invitation to meet again to resolve the matter.

The contribution of the reformer Mithad Pasha to the prosperity and consolidation of Ruse at the end of the 19th century was also discussed. The mayor presented to H.E. Sekizkök and a book on the subject, the work of a local author.

This was the first familiarization visit from the embassy, in which the deputy ambassador Erman Topcu, the advisers on educational and social issues and on internal security, the general director of Ziraat Bank Isa Aidogan, as well as the consul general in Burgas Senem Güzel also participated.


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