Ruse Municipality will support the construction of a monument to Levski in Taraklia with BGN 10,000


Citizens and organizations can also support the cause

At today's regular session of the Municipal Council, it was decided that the Municipality of Ruse will support the construction of a monument to Vasil Levski in the city of Taraclia, Moldova. The amount that will be allocated from the municipal budget for the Bulgarian community there was increased from BGN 5,000 to BGN 10,000 at the suggestion of the municipal councilor Yordanka Danevska.

"Our city bears a responsibility to its sisters in the north, because apparently the state has not been so active in its assistance to them", addressed the mayor Pencho Milkov to those present and once again called upon the citizens of Ruse to join in with donations for the patriotic cause if they wish and are able to cause.

He noted that the Municipality of Ruse has taken the first steps to include the Bulgarians from Taraklia in the local initiatives, by issuing a special invitation for their inclusion in this year's 53rd edition of the traditional folklore assembly "The Golden Tick". The music forum takes place in the Youth Park and includes lovers of authentic Bulgarian music from all over Bulgaria. According to the mayor, the Bessarabian community in Moldova will highly appreciate the event, and the participants will feel at home, despite the distance between the two countries.

On the occasion of Bulgaria's Independence Day, September 22, the Youth Multicultural Center "Vasil Levski" will be opened in the city of Taraklia. The desire of the Bulgarian Bessarabian community in the area is to build a monument to the Apostle in the city, commemorating the 150th anniversary of the death of the national hero. The amount needed for the construction of the monument is BGN 75,000, of which BGN 28,000 has been collected so far.

The construction of the monument is a joint initiative with the Association of Bulgarians around the world, the municipality of Varna and with the help of voluntary donations from other nations.

The Municipality of Ruse appeals to its citizens who wish to support the Bulgarian Bessarabian community in the Taraklia region for the construction of a monument to Vasil Levski, to do so here:

Bank account of the Municipality of Ruse for donations


bank code:    IORTBGSF

account:           BG 96 IORT 73798400080000

The payment type code must also be entered:

- for donations from the country: 445100

- for donations from abroad: 445200

The purpose of the donation must be noted in the reason for the payment order.


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