Ruse Municipality increases funding for cultural projects


The requirements for the quality of the applicant projects are increasing.

The municipal councilors unanimously approved a change in the rules of the "Culture" program, with which the Municipality of Ruse finances events and projects in the field of arts and culture.

The proposals for changes were made at the meetings of the Public Council for Culture in connection with the rising inflation. All changes made in the rules of the program aim to stimulate the development of cultural activities on the territory of the municipality.

The deadline for announcing the "Culture" Program was changed - no later than February of the current year. In this way, cultural operators will have enough time to plan their events and apply to the competition. This will avoid waiting for the adoption of the republican budget, which will also be delayed more than usual this year. The deadline for reporting the activity under the program was also changed - from December 10 to December 1.

Small creative projects will receive BGN 5,000 from the Ruse Municipality, instead of the previous BGN 4,000.

There is also a change in the amount of the applicants' own contribution - from 30% it becomes 20%. The new regulations will allow those wishing to join the program with projects with a budget of up to BGN 2,000 to be exempted from their own co-financing.

Candidates who receive an average grade below 50% of the maximum allowed number of points are dropped from the ranking. Until now, this percentage was 30.

The annual "Culture" program of the Ruse Municipality supports the Ruse public in the creation of unique cultural products. In 2022, within the framework of the program, 28 projects of cultural organizations from the public, private and non-governmental sectors were financed with a total value of BGN 110,000.


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