Minister of Transport Nikolay Sabev: Ruse will have an airport


Ruse Airport to operate as a regional and gradually expand, as well as eased procedures for the passage of passengers and cargo across the Danube Bridge. These are the goals that Transport Minister Nikolay Sabev set for himself at the public discussion on the future and development of air and land transport in Ruse and the region.

The event was organized on the initiative of the minister and the mayor of Ruse Pencho Milkov, and its main goal was to hear the voice of the people of Ruse, businesses and institutions on the two important issues.

"Rousse Airport is not just a dream, it is a symbol for which we are working. At first, they looked at our idea with a sneer, but now we know that it is quite possible to restore it," said Pencho Milkov.

Minister Sabev was adamant that the opening of Ruse Airport for civil flights will happen, and over time funds will be invested in it for its upgrade. At the moment, the government is expected to allocate BGN 2.6 million in order to fulfill all the requirements for the implementation of the flights. They will be used to repair the track, build a perimeter fence, provide a security system and train personnel to work with it, etc.

"The municipality of Ruse will carry out a large part of the activities with its own forces. We will assign the repairs to the municipal enterprises and to the company with which we are already working", the mayor added regarding the doubts about delay due to the aggravated procedures for awarding public contracts related to the project.

The meeting was also attended by Yanko Ivanov, owner of the Gullivair airline, which first expressed interest in operating the Ruse-Sofia flights. He arrived together with the chairman of the Association of the Bulgarian Aviation Industry Todor Ivandzhikov and the executive director of the Executive Agency "Automotive Administration" Boyko Ranovski by plane to Ruse Airport. Ivanov said that for the moment it will only accept passengers during the day and under normal weather conditions, which will also reduce the initial cost of acquiring an expensive weather station.

The second topic, in which the citizens also took an active part, was shortening the time for heavy goods vehicles to pass through the border crossing - Ruse "Danube Bridge". As the main problem, representatives of businesses and institutions indicated the duplication of data that the customs officials from Bulgaria and Romania enter for each of those who crossed the bridge. Some of those present insisted on the placement of additional scales on the Romanian side, which would shorten the inspection time, while others expressed the opinion that the scales and road toll inspectors have no place at the checkpoint and should be located on the routes throughout the country.

Minister Sabev stated that the Ministry of Transport will introduce various measures which, applied in a system, will ease the regime. According to him, in order to introduce and implement them effectively, Bulgaria must be more active in its communication with Romania.


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