Mayor Pencho Milkov: All tollbooths on the territory of Ruse municipality should receive a virtual number for the Danube Bridge queue


The conclusion of an agreement with the operator of the buffer parking lot and the issuing of an order to the Ministry of the Interior for strict control of the queue for waiting and passing through the point is pending


In official letters to the Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov, the Minister of Transport Georgi Gvozdeykov and the Minister of Internal Affairs Kalin Stoyanov, the Mayor of Ruse Pencho Milkov presented the organization of work at the newly opened parking lot and the order of passage through the "Danube Bridge" checkpoint. The document was also addressed to the ambassador of Bulgaria in Romania H.E. Radko Vlaikov, the Ambassador of Romania to Bulgaria HE. Brandusha Predescu, the permanent representative of Bulgaria in the EU Rumen Alexandrov and the regional governor Anatoli Stanev.

"It is not necessary to enter the new parking lot in order to receive a number in the unified information system," points out Pencho Milkov. In the position of the Municipality of Ruse, it is emphasized that the current information system for tracking and reporting the flow of heavy goods vehicles, which the operator of the facility uses, turns the kilometer-long queues known to Ruse residents for decades into virtual waiting. The mayor insists that the operator company continue to provide serial numbers to all trucks staying on the territory of the municipality that are about to cross the border, regardless of whether they entered the newly opened parking lot and use its facilities or stay at another similar facility. In order to ensure compliance with the order, Pencho Milkov will propose to "Tir Parking Ruse" and the conclusion of an official written agreement.

"After this letter, in my capacity as mayor of the Municipality of Ruse and on the basis of Art. 44, para. 1, items 2 and 4 of the ZMSMA, I will establish an order for heavy goods vehicles to pass, taking into account the virtual queue. The software for arranging the trucks will be under the monitoring of the Municipality of Ruse. The drivers who chose to rest and wait in other parking lots will also be required to have a number and when it is their turn to enter the territory of the border crossing of the Republic of Bulgaria, they will receive information by phone," the mayor points out.

Among the obligations under the contract with the operator company, it is stipulated that, in case the state introduces a unified national system for tracking heavy goods traffic, it will also be introduced by "Tir Parking Ruse".

Mayor Pencho Milkov calls on the addressed institutions for assistance on several basic issues, the resolution of which would further alleviate the situation:

- targeted actions of the state authorities to strengthen the work of the customs services in Bulgaria and Romania;

- ensuring strict control by the law enforcement agencies for compliance with the ban on trucks staying on the Ruse boulevards, as well as supporting compliance with the sequence for crossing the Danube Bridge checkpoint, so that there are no cars "bypassing" the queue.

The letter informs that, contrary to the usual practice of such facilities, the charge for using the buffer car park is for one entry and not just for 24 hours. This allows drivers to stay longer and use its services without paying again at the end of the day.


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