Investment intentions of Turkish companies were discussed at a working meeting in Ruse Municipality


This was stated by the head of the Trade Section at the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in our country, Sinem Tashtan, who was received at a working meeting by the Deputy Mayors Zlatomira Stefanova and Dimitar Nedev.

According to Ms. Tashtan, there is currently serious investment interest from one of Turkey's largest companies, but details of the inquiry will be provided in the next few weeks.

The head of the Trade Section at the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey emphasized that in Bulgaria there are approximately 70 large companies from our southwestern neighbor and about 2,500 small and medium-sized companies, and Turkish investments in our country amount to over 2.5 billion euros

Mrs. Tashtan expressed interest in the industrial zones in the municipality, pointing out that Ruse is emerging as a serious logistics center.

"The local administration can actively assist in inquiries from Turkish companies and, accordingly, in negotiations for renting or purchasing land for the construction of production facilities," said Deputy Mayor Zlatomira Stefanova.

The topic of the shipyard was also discussed, with Dimitar Nedev providing detailed information about its condition and the equipment at its disposal, as well as the possible steps to restore its activity.

Investment opportunities in the airport near Shtrklevo village were also in the focus of the meeting.

The Deputy Mayor for Economy and International Cooperation emphasized the good neighborly relations between the two countries and assured that potential investors will find support and full cooperation from the local administration in Ruse.


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