With 24 new buses, the fleet of "Municipal Transport Ruse" EAD is increasing


24 buses from the Belgian brand Van Hool (VAN HOOL) were purchased by "Ruse Municipal Transport" EAD. The first ones enter traffic from May 1 and will serve bus lines No. 3, 28, 30 and 33.

The decision is a continuation of the policy of the mayor Pencho Milkov to strengthen the municipal enterprise so that it can provide better transport services, which will allow the termination of contracts with private companies and its transformation into a single carrier.

Comfortable and ergonomic, the vehicles were part of the fleet of municipal operator STIB in Brussels, Belgium. The buses are low-floor, with two doors and a length of 12 meters. They are air-conditioned and have a ramp for the disabled. Their capacity is 32 seats and 40 standing. They have the information system with 3 screens on the outside of the vehicle and one double-sided information display in the cabin.

The buses will be put into operation in stages, after their rebranding in blue color in order to unify the vision of the company's fleet. At the moment, they will run all the necessary courses that cannot be run by trolleybuses and electric buses. At the next stage, they will serve bus lines that are currently operated by private carriers, but are yet to be assigned to "Municipal Transport" EAD, and subsequently the buses will also be used for the implementation of the new transport scheme.


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