The repair of the hangars at the rowing base in Nikolovo has begun


The construction and repair activities and the improvement of the rowing base in the Forest Park "Lipnik" in the village of Nikolovo have started.

The project includes the construction of sanitary units and a changing room, for which a light metal structure with thermopanels, drinking water supply and electricity is planned.

The large hangar will be cleaned and repaired - the metal parts will be covered with anti-corrosion protection and paint, the windows and doors to the warehouses will be replaced.

The small shed where the boats are stored will be sanitized and treated as well. In addition, a concrete surface will be laid and a waterproof pavement will be built.

The fourth part of the site is related to the restoration of the fence and lighting.

The funds for the activities were won by the Municipality of Ruse after applying with a project under Ordinance 4 of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

The repair is necessary due to the extremely outdated material base, which is used by the hundreds of trainees in the canoe-kayak, triathlon and ship modelling clubs, as well as in connection with the World Cup in canoe marathon, which the Municipality of Ruse is hosting in June this year.


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