The renovation of the gymnasium at "Ivan Vazov" Primary School has been approved for financing by the Ministry of Education and Culture


Funding for the project to repair the gymnasium at the "Ivan Vazov" school in Ruse was approved by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. With the signature of Minister Vesela Lecheva, BGN 425,491.98 will be provided, with which the salon will be strengthened and modernized.

We remind you that the Municipality of Ruse applied with a project proposal under Ordinance No. 4 of 07/08/2019 for financial support for the construction and renovation of sports facilities - state and municipal property.

In January of this year, a public order was also announced for the repair of the gymnasium at the school, and its finalization and the selection of a contractor are expected within days.

The project envisages the construction of a system of injection piles and a new reinforced concrete framing system to take the load from the compromised load-bearing walls.

After completion of the building strengthening activities, all facades will be restored. New gutters and downspouts are also to be installed.

In the interior of the salon, it is planned to refresh the walls, replace the flooring and install new energy-saving glass units. A new basketball hoop and volleyball net will complement the improved sports facilities.

The maximum term for the implementation of all repair and restoration activities is 270 calendar days after the opening of the construction site.


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