The rehabilitation plan of "Sparki" was discussed by the mayor Pencho Milkov and the operational director of the company Borislav Botev


"The recovery of any company is always the result of joint efforts, and it is necessary to expand the cooperation between us and the state," said the operational director of "SPARKI".

"The activity of the enterprise is key and structure-determining for the economic and social appearance of Ruse", noted the mayor Pencho Milkov.

He emphasized the importance of the company in recent decades as an employer that ensures the development of personnel from profiled high schools. According to Borislav Botev, efforts are being made to attract students from junior high school classes and students who already have their internship at the enterprise and want to stay in it.

With an impromptu tour of the enterprise, Botev introduced the mayor to the specific activities that are carried out in the individual workshops. Agricultural machinery, snow plows and backhoe loaders are only part of the products produced by "SPARKI RUSE 2020". Columns and chassis for construction platforms, welded construction for buckets and hammers for construction machines complete the wide production range, with 99% of production destined for the European market. According to the operations director, the enterprise employs nearly 300 people, and the company itself interacts with dozens of suppliers from the industry.

During the tour, Pencho Milkov also inspected the construction of the free parking lot, which is located next to the "SPARKI" buildings and will mainly serve shop tenants and visitors to the Cooperative Market. It is expected that it will be put into operation in a very short period of time.

At the end of his visit, the mayor assured the host that the local administration will do whatever is necessary according to its powers to help implement the recovery plan of the company.


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