The Municipality of Ruse has a new Investment Profile


Ruse Municipality is ready with its new investment profile.

Its preparation was dictated by a series of meetings with businesses and industry organizations, which identified the need for a document providing useful and up-to-date information and the specific view of the investor.

The implementation of the investment profile was entrusted to two of the leading business organizations in the region - the Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Their team of experts and professionals was in continuous cooperation with the working group from the Municipality of Ruse. As a result of the partnership, a modern and professionally prepared investment profile was created. In the stages of its creation, consultations were made with a number of organizations related to investments and investment policy from the country and abroad.

In the development of the investment profile, know-how, principles and good practices borrowed from the largest international investment platform fDi Intelligence, a division of the Financial Times, were used.

The investment profile will also be popularized by updating the site, in which the Municipality of Ruse plans to add a section with current news related to the local economy and investments. We will also rely on the contacts of businesses and branch organizations with their partners during the holding of various forums. Since the document covers investment, life and leisure opportunities in Rousse and the region, the business expressed a wish that the printed version and the electronic format be made available to the companies in front of their potential partners.

The motto of the investment profile, around which all specialists have united, is "Port of new opportunities". The platform has a modern look, featuring important and up-to-date information, seen through the lens of local photographers.

You can see the new Investment Profile of Ruse Municipality here.


You can see the full catalog here:

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