The Municipality of Ruse finances the surveys of 26 blocks - candidates for remediation


26 owners' associations were approved for financial support by the Municipality of Ruse for the issuance of technical passports and the making of energy surveys and architectural photographs. They are required when applying for the current program for renovating residential buildings.

Ruse Municipality is among the few in the country that provided loanable funds from its own budget to support associations in applying for the energy efficiency program.

The initiative was taken by the mayor Pencho Milkov and was supported by the Municipal Council at the end of 2022.

The deadline for applying for assistance from the municipality was March 28, and the contracts for financing the approved blocks have a total value of BGN 994,443.08, with BGN 1 million planned in the budget.

Along with financial support, the Municipality of Ruse also provides daily consultations with experts explaining to citizens the conditions for applying for the rehabilitation program.

To date, the employees from the departments "Condominium ownership" and "International cooperation and projects" have visited 42 general meetings of the associations of owners of residential buildings, and the explanatory campaign will continue until the end of the program.

Those wishing to join the energy efficiency program should submit documents by May 10. In September, the list of those approved will become clear, and in the event that the building is approved, the funds provided by the Municipality will be reimbursed from the received funding under the procedure "Support for sustainable energy renovation of the residential building stock - stage I" (Procedure) under the National Plan for restoration and sustainability In the event that the applicant building is not approved for financing under the procedure, the funds received should be returned to the Municipality of Ruse within 12 months from the entry into force of the decision to refuse financing under the procedure.

Here are the owner associations approved for loan financing:

bl. "Lisets" - "Chiprovtsi" street, Rodina quarter 1;

bl. "15" - "Tsar Osvoboditel" Blvd., Hushov district;

bl. "Mizia" - "Vazrazhdane" alley, Vazrazhdane quarter;

bl. "Lena" - "Ella" alley, Tsvetnitsa quarter;

bl. "Lermontov", "Borisova" street, Center quarter;

bl. "Vazkhod" - Veliko Tarnovo St., Center quarter;

bl. "Ivaylo - freedom", "Georgi Rakovski" street, Center district;

bl. "Ivan Dechev" - "Dimcho Debelyanov" street, Rodina quarter 2;

bl. "Volga" - "Konstantin - Irechek" street, Center quarter;

bl. "Marek" - "Lipnik" blvd., Zdravets district - East;

bl. "Arda", entrance "1" - "Yosif Dynelov" street, Druzhba quarter 2;

St. "P. R. Slaveikov" 3-7 - Center district;

bl. "Chaika" - "Praga" street, Zdravets district - East;

bl. "Iljo Voivoda" - "Praga" street, Zdravets district - East;

bl. "Skuta" - "Chiprovtsi" street, Rodina quarter 1;

2 Yundola St. - Zdravets quarter;

bl. "Shar planina" - "Nikola Petkov" street, Zdravets district - North;

bl. "Ela" - "Reni" street, Zdravets district - East;

bl. "September 9" - "Aleksandrovska" street, Center district;

bl. "Proton" - "Dorostol" street, Tsvetnitsa quarter.

bl. "Nayden Kirov" - "Borisova" street, Center district;

bl. "Timok" - "gerlovo" street, Rodina quarter 2;

bl. "Yavor" - "Lipnik" blvd., Zdravets quarter - East;

bl. "Borimechka" - "Zgorigrad" street, Rodina quarter 2;

bl. "Elite" - "Sveta Troitsa" square, Center district;

Knyaz Al St. Dondukov - Korsakov" 5, Center quarter.


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