The Municipality of Ruse announces a procedure for selecting a contractor for the restoration of a part of the Income Building


The Municipality of Ruse has announced a public procurement with the subject: "Performance of SMR for a site: "Restoration and conservation of the roof and the main facades of buildings "A", "K" and "L" of the building of "Dohodno Zdanie" and reconstruction of technical installations" , located in UPI I-671 in quarter 88 according to the plan of the city of Ruse, First stage - Facade CRR, water supply networks and building installations; Second stage – Roof SRR and Third stage: Electric”.

A participant in the public procurement can be any Bulgarian or foreign natural or legal person or their associations, as well as any other entity that has the right to carry out construction, according to the legislation of the country in which it is established.

The documentation for the public procurement is published in the profile of the buyer of the Municipality of Ruse, which is maintained on the Centralized Automated Information System "Electronic Public Procurement" (CAIS EOP).

The deadline for submitting bids for participation is until 11:59 p.m. on 04/05/2023. Bids are submitted through the platform /CAIS EOP/ in accordance with the rules for its use under Art. 229, paragraph 1, item 12 of the Law on Public Procurement and in compliance with the requirements established by the contracting authority.


You can see the full catalog here:

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