The modernization of the Ruse airport continues at an accelerated pace


The master plan of the airport is in an advanced phase of development, in August the lighting system will be installed


The project of "Airport Ruse" Ltd., with which the investor undertakes to carry out a number of improvements to the Ruse Airport for its gradual development as a civil one, continues to be implemented at an accelerated pace.

The 9-kilometer perimeter fence has been completely built, the self-grown vegetation in the area has been treated with specialized equipment, the runway and taxiways have been completely cleaned. Mulching of the airport area and mowing of the grass was also carried out to ensure optimal conditions for flights. Two wind indicators, or so-called, have already been installed. "socks" that meet special requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO and are mandatory for every airport. They are placed on purpose-built foundations that also meet aviation requirements. Investors have also purchased stationary and mobile fuel tankers.

During the renovation of the passenger terminal, the broken panes of glass were replaced with their exact copies. The walls and ceilings have been refreshed without disturbing their interior identity, and all interior furnishings have been kept intact. Internet connection is provided in the renovated offices on the second floor of the terminal, and rooms and sanitary facilities for the pilots are also equipped.

The next stage envisages the construction of a lighting system on the runway, and the investors have already concluded a contract with foreign companies for the production of the necessary equipment. Delivery and installation are expected in August. The creation of a Master Plan, which will transform the airport into a civil one and which is a key element of its development, is also in an advanced phase of development.

We remind you that at the end of February this year following a decision of the Ruse Municipal Council, voted with almost complete unanimity, the Municipality concluded a contract with "Airport Ruse" OOD. The company is owned by Antoni Tarnitsov - an expert in the field of Bulgarian aviation, who also has experience from his work on the concession analysis of Ruse Airport since 2017, and Hristo Krusharski, whose business is related to systems for landing and combating hail through aircraft method. The ever-growing interest in the service implies a flow of secure funds to be invested in the Ruse airport. It is important to note that with the attraction of the investor, the municipal budget was freed from the annual maintenance of the airport. For the calendar year 2022, its amount reached BGN 91 thousand. Until now, the municipal enterprise "Parkstroy" took care of the maintenance.


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