The mayor of Ruse Municipality welcomed the new ambassador of Mongolia


The idea of organizing a several-day exhibition was discussed, presenting the possibilities of the exotic country - business, sports, music and education - to the people of Ruse and the guests of the city.

"One of the directions in Bulgarian-Mongolian relations that I would like to expand is sports, and more specifically, wrestling. Its foundation was laid in Bulgaria, which is our important partner in this sport," said His Excellency. Sayanaa.

She emphasized the importance of "beh" (the name of the Mongol struggle) for her people. The mayor of Ruse spoke about the achievements of Valentin Yordanov, a native of Ruse, chosen as a wrestler of the 20th century, who has glorified the city more than once at world championships and Olympics, and about his help for local sports.

As a former member of the Bulgaria-Mongolia friendship group in the National Assembly, Pencho Milkov pointed to the shooting as a common success between Ruse and the Asian country.

"Ruse has a long and successful tradition in shooting sports, and our clubs keep winning medals in the country and around the world," said the mayor.

He pointed out that the Municipality of Ruse is doing everything in its power to develop the sports activities of children in the city.

The exchange of educational experience and practices was also discussed. His Excellency Sayanaa got acquainted with the possibilities of training in robotics and visual arts, to which students from the Municipality of Ruse now have access. The study of Eastern languages at SU "Vasil Levski" greatly impressed the ambassador, who suggested that after normalization of the health situation, opportunities should be created for the exchange of students from Ruse, and specifically school sports teams, with their peers from Mongolia.

The meeting in the Municipality of Ruse was also attended by the director of the International Policies, Economic Activities and Analysis Directorate, Ivaylo Kadishev, and the Honorary Consul of Mongolia in Bulgaria, Hon. Prof. Dr. Kamen Milkov.

We remind you that in 2020 Bulgaria and Mongolia celebrated 70 years since the establishment of their diplomatic relations. In Ruse, the event was honored with the traveling exhibition "Mandala - the Temple of the Mysterious Tantra".


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