The first investments at Ruse Airport are a fact


Days after the signing of the contract with the Municipality of Ruse, the company "Airport Ruse" began the implementation of its investment program for the restoration of Ruse Airport. Mayor Pencho Milkov also made an overview of the activities on site.

In recent days, hired workers have built almost 3 km of the total 9 km fence surrounding the property, and equipment is clearing the perimeter around the track. The terminal building is also undergoing renovations, with the team stressing that it will remain in its authentic form and the interior will be preserved. Cosmetic changes such as replacing the glazing, repairing the electrical installation and refreshing the rooms intended for the operational staff and pilots will not change its appearance.

Administratively, the necessary steps have also been taken. The documentation for the airport has been forwarded to the General Directorate of Civil Aviation Administration for its re-registration. This is expected to take up to 3 weeks.

"We are in daily contact with the team and the project managers. It is actively working. What we held from the beginning - that the building and all movables be preserved, has been observed. The activities are moving at a good pace, the planes are here and there is more work," noted the mayor.

Finishing of the fence, replacement of the water pipe, as well as the construction of lighting to realize night flights are to be done.

"I'm not a supporter of breaking, but of making. What we are going to do will appeal to the people of Ruthenia," assured one of the owners of the joint venture, Hristo Krusharski. He noted that the construction of the entire aircraft maintenance and repair base will create many jobs.

The manager of the company, Georgi Nalbantov, specified that at this stage, the 6-seater Beechcraft C90 aircraft with two engines of 420 horse power take off from the runway. They are specially equipped with a system to fight hail and cause precipitation, which is the main activity of Krusharski's company "Stroyproekt" EOOD. Last year, it was hired by the Romanian state, where it performs activities in four regions. According to the contract with the Executive Agency "Fighting Hail", this year it will also treat 33 million decares in Northern Bulgaria. The idea is to use the funds from this activity to finance the next improvements at the airport.


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