The Ambassador of Ukraine H.E. Vitaly Moskalenko visited Ruse


"Ruse is an impressive city, extremely significant and interesting considering its history," said the diplomat. He expressed his satisfaction with the fact that citizens of the Ukrainian city of Izmail have initiated contact with the municipal leadership and are working for the twinning of the two cities. According to Moskalenko, the region is valuable because it is home to the largest Bulgarian diaspora in Ukraine. The mayor of Ruse expressed his desire to meet his compatriots on the spot and get to know their life abroad.

The economic development of Ruse was also among the topics of the conversation. Pencho Milkov presented the ambassador with the new investment profile of the Municipality of Ruse and spoke briefly about its economic potential. He emphasized that in the coming years the Ruse region will develop industrially on the basis of the cooperation memorandum concluded in April with the founders of the successful Thrace Economic Zone in Southern Bulgaria. In this regard, His Excellency Moskalenko proposed the organization of a large business forum in Ruse and added that this year a record exchange of goods was established between Bulgaria and Ukraine.

Moskalenko's visit was on the day that Ukraine celebrates the 30th anniversary of the restoration of its independence. On the occasion of the holiday, a fashion show with jewelry, the work of a Ukrainian designer, was held in the Revenue Building.


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