Pencho Milkov to the regional ministry: Part of the fees from the Danube Bridge should remain in Ruse


After a conversation with Minister Violeta Komitova, Pencho Milkov also stated in writing the need for part of the Danube bridge tolls to remain in the local budget.

"The change is completely possible with a by-law of the ministry," the mayor of Ruse is emphatic.

He explained that currently the funds are collected by the "Customs" Agency, and then transferred to the "Road Infrastructure" Agency, which is subordinate to the MRRD.

The letter to the ministry also states the desire of the Municipality of Ruse to build a parking garage on municipal property located in close proximity to Bulgaria Blvd. The project will seek co-financing as paving would cost millions given the large area and high load capacity required. Additional costs will have to be incurred to change the purpose of the property, which has an area of 160 decares.

In this regard, the Municipality of Ruse appeals with a letter to the local business organizations for joint work on the implementation of the idea, so that it brings financial benefits for them as well.

After calculations by the budget experts, it will become clear the amount that the Municipality of Ruse will request to remain in the local treasury when cars cross the Danube bridge.


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