OIC-Ruse presented the programs financed by the European Funds for Shared Management


The Regional Information Center - Ruse held today a webinar on "Indicative Annual Work Programs (AWP) for 2023 of the 10 programs financed by the European Funds for Shared Management (EFSU).

The interested participants in the online meeting were introduced to the procedures of the various programs that will be announced for application this year - with the eligible applicants, with the main activities that they will support and with the amount of the grant.

In her presentation, expert Gabriela Stefanova emphasized the procedures by which applications will be made on a competitive basis. The Competitiveness and Innovation in Enterprises Program (CIP) will finance enterprise projects for the development of innovations and for the implementation of innovations. In September 2023, a procedure to improve the production capacity of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is expected to be announced, focusing on family businesses, creative industries and crafts.

In the HRD 2023 Human Resources Development Program (HRD) there are 9 procedures, 6 of which will be project selection. Employers will be able to apply for adaptation of the working environment, including for "green" workplaces and work organization and under the "New Skills" procedure for workplace-related training of employed persons. Through the Employment Agency, employed persons will be able to individually receive training to improve their qualifications, for new skills or to upgrade them. The other procedures are aimed at active inclusion and access to employment of disadvantaged people, at sustainable employment of the same target group and at promoting the social economy.

In the last quarter of the year, the "Development of the Regions" program will open the procedure aimed at the development of the 10 cities, growth centers and the development of the 40 urban municipalities. Emphasis is on the preparation of the Managing Authority (MA) for the integrated approach. This year, the "Environment" Program will open procedures in the "Waters", "Waste", "Natura 2000", and "Air" sectors. Most of them are aimed at specific beneficiaries.

Stefanova paid special attention to the IGRP of the "Education" Program, which includes 7 procedures, two of which are with project selection. One is related to intercultural education, for which municipalities, NGOs in partnership with others, schools, DGs and community centers can apply. The other will support the development of project doctoral studies, eligible candidates are higher schools and scientific organizations.

The presentation focused on the new Research, Innovation and Digitization for Smart Specialisation, Transport Connectivity and Technical Assistance programmes. According to the latter, it is planned to finance the work of the regional information centers.

Interested parties who did not manage to participate live can see the presentation on the Facebook page of OIC-Ruse.


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