Mayor Pencho Milkov met with the rector of the University of Traditional Mongolian Medicine Prof. Kamba Lama Natsagdorzh


Mayor Pencho Milkov welcomed today the rector of the Mongolian Otoch Manranba University Prof. Dr. Kamba Lama Natsagdorzh. He is one of the most revered spiritual leaders in Mongolia and is visiting Bulgaria at the invitation of the Embassy of Mongolia and the "Angel Kanchev" University of Ruse. Honorary Consul of Mongolia in Ruse was also present at the meeting. Prof. Dr. Kamen Milkov and Adm. director of medical facilities "Medica" Alise Murtezova.

The prominent scientist is a spiritual leader, healer and creator of the Manba Datsan Center in the capital Ulaanbaatar, which includes a hospital, monastery, pharmaceutical factory and university of traditional Mongolian medicine. The very name of the center, translated as "Manba" - doctor and "Datsan" - training center, shows the essence of this type of medicine - achieving good health by turning to one's mind and maintaining a strong connection with nature. According to Kamba Lama Natsagdorj, the healing of the soul and body can be done through love, with a kind heart and compassion, not with a strong ego.

"You carry a wealth that may remain closed as it has been for thousands of years, but your mission is higher because it gives humanity the opportunity to touch Mongolian traditional medicine," the mayor welcomed him.

According to the rector, for a long time this knowledge was available only to a narrow circle of people, which made him devote himself to its dissemination and development for a better world.

More than 6 years ago, during the visit of representatives of Medica Medical Institutions to the University of Traditional Mongolian Medicine in Ulaanbaatar, a tripartite contract was drawn up between the University of Ruse, the University of Traditional Mongolian Medicine "Otoch Manramba" and "Medika". A long-term cooperation has been established. So far, three long-term exchanges of specialists between Bulgaria and Mongolia have been carried out within the framework of the contract. During the trainings and internships, the doctors exchanged experience and good practices, which have already been implemented in the treatment and recovery process.

Cooperation between the countries is supported by the Embassy of Mongolia.

"With sustained and purposeful efforts, you give real meaning to the word "partnership" and bring added value to your patients," the mayor addressed Murtezova.

The visit of the prominent Mongolian healer and spiritual leader will continue with a public lecture on "Covid-19 through the lens of Mongolian traditional medicine". After it, a ceremony will be held awarding Prof. Kamba Lama Damdinsuran Natsagdorzh with the honorary title Doctor honoris causa of the University of Ruse.


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