Despite the crisis, the Municipality of Ruse noted growth in the implementation of its investment program


"Last April, the local administration had collected only 27% of the expected revenue so far. Despite the health and social crisis, our employees managed to realize a good percentage of our investment program. I want it to be even bigger this year, to enter the micro-urban environment and inter-block spaces in order to reach more Rusenes", announced Mayor Pencho Milkov during the public discussion of the report on the implementation of Budget 2020.

The pandemic has had a negative impact on the local treasury, with revenues in it being lower than in the previous year. Despite this, a high tax collection was achieved, which the mayor explained by the responsible position of the citizens and the good work of the employees. Difficulties were experienced in the collection of non-tax revenues (fees for services, sales, rents, etc.) due to the reduced economic activity of Rusyns during the crisis.

In addition to extraordinary expenses for protection against the spread of the virus, in 2020 the management of Ruse Municipality increased funds in all functions and strengthened municipal enterprises.

"We appointed new construction workers and purchased new equipment, and in 2021 we continue in the same direction," said Pencho Milkov.

By over BGN 8.4 million, funds were increased in some of the most important departments - "Education", "Health", "Social Security and Care" and "Recreation and Culture", and the implementation of the budget in these most local administration activities is 7% higher than last year.

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