Accenture is looking for candidates for remote work in Ruse in the field of information technology


Opening remote work positions in the city, including: Junior Developers, Java Developers, Senior Java Developers, Front-End Engineers, DevOps, Testers and more, the company aims to find ways to engage the local community by regularly getting involved in initiatives of the municipality. The aspiration is to gradually expand the list of opportunities for professional realization and improve the standard of living of specialists in the region. In the long term, the representatives of "Accenture" shared their desire to provide financial support to students in the technological specialties of the "Angel Kanchev" University of Ruse.

Accenture offers numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth in an extremely promising industry based on innovations in the field of information technology. We value the talent of everyone who wants to develop in it, and at the same time we know how important the investment in personnel is in smaller cities. Our intention is to open more than 60 jobs in Ruse and the region in the next year and a half, giving another reason to the people who occupy them to work and develop in the city", said Petar Tornev, director of the Technology Center of Accenture in Bulgaria.

The desire of the company is to reach the confirmation of 100 jobs for the period. A key incentive for the candidates will be the salary, which does not differ from that of specialists in Sofia or Plovdiv.

"We are extremely happy to have the opportunity to collaborate with a partner who has such extensive experience in the technology field. Rousse has great potential for development, and it comes precisely from the people. Many specialists in the field of information technology work here, for which the University of Ruse, which also prepares such personnel, has great merit," said the mayor, Pencho Milkov.

Together with "Accenture" we will work to popularize the opportunities that the company provides. The mayor expressed hope that its representatives will be actively involved in the rich event program of the city and in support of the projects implemented by the municipality.

The opening of work positions in Ruse is the next stage in the natural development of the company, which, since the start of its activities in 2015, already has offices in Sofia and Plovdiv. They employ over 230 people.


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