2.6 million will be allocated by the Council of Ministers for Ruse Airport


The decision comes a few days after the Minister of Transport and Communications Nikolay Sabev and the Mayor of Ruse, Pencho Milkov, organized a public discussion with residents of Ruse on the restoration of flights from Ruse Airport and optimization of the opportunities for crossing the Danube Bridge.

The municipal administration has been actively working for several months to have the airport relicensed for domestic flights on the Ruse-Sofia route with ATR-72 aircraft. The roof and some of the premises in the building have already been repaired by the Municipality, with the Mayor stating that future repairs will be carried out by municipal enterprises as far as possible. A survey was also conducted among the residents of the region, who expressed great interest in traveling by air to the capital.

For the implementation of the large-scale project, a working group of highly qualified experts in the aviation field was formed, including Doychin Angelov and Antoni Tarnitsov, as well as Todor Ivandzhikov, chairman of the Association of the Bulgarian Aviation Industry. They were engaged as consultants to the Municipality of Ruse and with their help a preliminary financial and technical analysis was carried out on the state and readiness of Ruse Airport, which were presented to the Ministry of Finance and Economy.

"Starting domestic flights between Ruse and the capital under simple weather conditions is the economically most profitable option for the existing airport near Shtrklevo to develop and expand its activities," explained Yanko Ivanov, owner of the airline that will operate the first flights.

In this way, the city and the region would get out of the transport isolation in which they are, business opportunities and tourist interest in Ruse would grow, and citizens' travel would be faster and safer.

The planned BGN 2.6 million will be used for the costs that the Ruse Municipality will not be able to cover - a new perimeter fence, repair of the runway, licensing fees, airport weather station, purchase of aviation security systems.


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