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Free Zone - Ruse Solely Owned JSC is the largest and most developed free zone in Bulgaria, a logistics and industrial centre. It is located on an area of ​​370 decares, about 800 meters east of the Danube Bridge and in close proximity to the biggest river port of Bulgaria - Port Ruse-East.

A distribution centre for packaging and labelling of textile products, an industrial unit for production of metal vessels for different industries, a production plant for heavy machinery and others operate in Free Zone - Ruse.

One of the terrains acts as a separate customs territory. There are 20 000 sq. m open storage areas with hard cover and 25 000 sq. m of indoor areas, of which approximately 5 000 sq. m of industrial premises, 1 000 sq. m of offices and 20 000 sq. m of storage space. This territory is governed by all laws of the country, but some customs preferences are given to the storage of non-community goods, with no payment of customs duties and VAT until the moment the goods are on the terrain of the company.

Free Zone - Ruse also has other plots of about 200 thousand sq. m, which are not under special regime and can be sold and developed according to the needs of potential investors. There are practically unlimited possibilities for building and operating sites on the part of its clients.

The company’s infrastructure includes a concrete mixing station and a light petroleum products depot, its own access routes, roads and railroads, a railway station with four tracks, portal cranes, its own lifting equipment, a car ramp and a quay wall. In Free Zone – Ruse there is built water supply and sewerage, gasification, electrical supply and telecommunications. The zone also has a concrete mixing station of 8 thousand sq. m and a light petroleum products depot of 31 264 sq. m.

The following activities are carried out on the territory of Free Zone - Ruse: renting; warehousing and storage; reloading operations and clearance of transport and customs documents. The prices for the services are determined according to the current tariff of the company and the prices for purchase of areas in the zone - on the basis of negotiations and certification of potential investors under the Investment Promotion Act and the Regulation for its implementation.

There are two types of standard contracts in Free Zone - Ruse: warehousing and storage of goods in a common indoor or outdoor warehouse and site operation. Services under the first type of contract are invoiced/paid per day only for goods imported into the territory of the company. The occupancy of this type of premises is extremely dynamic. The services of the second type of contract are calculated per month per square meter and are signed by clients of Free Zone - Ruse who carry out production activities on its territory or those who have certified the warehouses for carrying out activities according to certain normative requirements.

By the beginning of 2018, 90% of the indoor premises in the area were rented, with approximately 50% of them operating as industrial premises, 45% as warehouses and the remaining 5% as offices. The occupancy of open areas is extremely dynamic, as some of them are used for truck parking by the company's customers for which a fee is paid per day.

In addition to Bulgarian companies, companies with Austrian, Israeli and American capital operate on the territory of the Zone. The number of persons working in Free Zone - Ruse is over 300.



Free Zone – Ruse Solely Owned JSC
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