Business support policies

According to the Bulgarian legislation, measures for encouraging investments in the country are national and local. To obtain incentives, the potential investor is subject to a certification procedure for the investment project and issuance of an investment certificate, which takes several weeks. (


Source: Bulgarian Investment Agency


To obtain a Priority Class, Class A or Class B certificate, the investment must be in the industry or services sector, including: high-tech ICT activities; software products; accounting and auditing activities and tax consultancy; research and development; professional activities at headquarters; health care and medical-social care; education; cargo storage and ancillary transport activities; administrative and auxiliary office activities; architectural and engineering activities; technical tests and analyses.

Among the investors in Ruse, certified by the Bulgarian Investment Agency, are big companies in the automotive industry such as Montupet SMLLC and WITTE Automotive Bulgaria SMLLC.

Local incentives are issued by Ruse Municipality under the special regulation for the promotion of investments of municipal significance and the issuance of Class C certificates. With the issuance of such a certificate, investors receive the following incentives:

According to a survey by the Institute for Market Economics, Ruse District is one of the leading districts in the country in relation to introducing one-stop shop services. Ruse also receives a higher than average for the country assessment of the transparency of the local self-government bodies.

Business support structures are functioning in Ruse - offices of the Bulgarian Industrial Association, the Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry, business centres and incubators.

In recognition of the high quality of the Municipality's management and its commitment to the European principles of good democratic governance, the quality of the provided public services and good practices in public policy implementation, Ruse Municipality has been awarded twice (in 2013 and 2017) with the "European label for innovation and good governance at local level" of the Council of Europe.

According to the results of the Second Annual Index of the Local Integrity System 2017 of Transparency International Bulgaria, Ruse is ranked among the top municipalities in Bulgaria in all 21 surveyed indicators assessing the availability of sustainable capacity, good management practices and effective interaction between local authorities and local self-government.

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